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Wand Arts Review Charlie Wiseman took over as editor in 2019

Submissions for our Sarah Everard and Caroline Weller Poetry Award by June 30th. Nominations for shortlist July 14th and winners announced by 10th August First, second and third prizes all equally divided to reflect community: £70



Submissions are open for our June issue

Wand Arts Review is a quarterly magazine, launched in January 2014 by Laura Hymers and Charlie Wiseman.  It has its roots in community engagement and writerly innovation, freedom and spontaneity.

We offer a platform for open debate on issues affecting the Arts internationally. We also shine a light on individuals and groups who are making a difference to the communities out of which their work has emerged. For example, Sue Emmas, who has been the first woman to run the Young Vic, over twenty years, while Jude Kelly, who first brought attention to the Old Town Hall, rebranding it Battersea Arts Centre, then at West Yorkshire Playhouse now Leeds Playhouse. She has gone on to set alight a worldwide movement, transforming Southbank, with Women of the World Festival. Sue followed in the footsteps of Ralph Richardson and Lawrence Olivier, if not also Virginia Woolf, who worked in 1905, a century earlier, at Morley College, inviting working class communities to receive an education. and transforming the ways different classes coalesced. Would Tom Morris have been able to start War Horse if it had not been for those around, like Sue Emmas, lending the Young Vic's support to BAC and Geraldine Collinge, and Lisa Goldman, who also suggested to them the Belarus Free Theatre would benefit from a London official residence. So writers in exile, going back as far as lead to spontaneous movements, as though butterflies are crossing space and time, with no sense of borders, like birds. Even policewomen on the Moscow underground, reading 1984. Charlie would certainly have struggled to make sense, without being able to find Sue Emmas, when back from founding the Rats in Berlin (Ratten07, starting with finding funding for Camus' Plague, with Jeremy Weller). As well as Elspeth Cochrane and her introduction leading him to Bettina Jonic's work at the Royal Albert Hall and his involvement, supporting her original song cycle 'Bitter Mirror', with Peter Brook. In fact Jean Findlay is another person who gave meaning to the lives of the dispossessed, by inviting them into her own home, with Jeremy Weller, starting the Grassmarket Projects. The World March for Peace grew to be a worldwide phenomenon thanks to Bettina's contact with Vanessa Redgrave, Yoko Ono and John Dunbar. The work of extraordinary women and men has resulted in ICAN receiving a Nobel Prize for Peace. Let us interpret the tapestry of peace, from 1905, in Russia's uprising and Virginia Woolf at Morley College right up to the struggle against the legality of nuclear weapons.

Nonviolence in Russian is ненасилие, in Czech it is nenásilí, in German gewaltlosigkeit, in Italian nonviolenza and in English nonviolence, but in Spanish it does not exist.

We are interested in celebrating individuals in society, past and present, who have gone against trends and forged their own paths for the benefit of their communities and society as a whole.

Wand Arts Review is published in January, April, July and October with an additional issue featuring the best articles of the year, which is available by subscription only. 

We also aim to feature a gallery of international artists works which we feel are in line with our ethos of innovation, freedom of expression and spontaneity and draw a link between literary and visual work.

We run a poetry competition which is dedicated to Sarah Everard and Caroline Weller and Wand Poets which features the work of international poets. 

Submissions are open for our June issue. We are looking for poetry, visual arts, reviews and articles.  We are also interested in flash fiction.  Work should be between 500 and 1500 words.  The length of the work is at the writer's discretion and should serve the nature of the piece. We aim for variety of scope and breadth, fiction and non-fiction.

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